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The Year We Left Home: A Novel

The Year We Left Home - Jean Thompson I got this as an ARC from a first-reads giveaway.

The Year We Left Home has basically no plot, but chronicled the lives of an extended family. I can't get enough of stories like this, ones centered on different people and how they deal with life, how everyone reacts and chooses things differently. I felt the same draw to The Year We Left Home that I did with The Lovely Bones, though the two don't have anything in common besides the fact that they take place over decades and follow several different characters.

Thompson did such an incredible job with the characters, making each one realistic to the point where I forgot--and still find it hard to believe--that they weren't real people. I love her writing style. Nothing seemed forced, and she didn't try too hard to use dialect or flowery writing.

This novel was so simple, but it was beautiful. I know it won't be a book for everyone, but I personally thought it was amazing, and it will definitely be one of those ones I can read over and over again.