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Something Like Fate

Something Like Fate - Susane Colasanti I go, "woenlflq."
She went, "wojiweofnq."
He was all, "ewbwekjn."
Above are the typical dialogue tags in Something Like Fate. WHY.

I once read another Susane Colasanti book, When It Happens. I hated it and decided never to read another one by her. But my friend insisted that this book was amazing and she couldn't put it down.

This book was so damn stupid. About three chapters in I just gave up and started skipping around to read. On about the third page, Lani was kind enough to inform us that she does her homework at her desk, but when she's online, she's on her bed, because her bed is a relaxation-only zone. That literally has nothing to do with anything. Later in the story, we're treated to a delightful listing of Lani's favorite berries -- in order! Stupid, irrelevant details such as these make the story laughable to read.

The characters were all annoying. From what I've gathered reading other reviews, Connor and Blake were the only ones with potential, but also weren't featured in the story enough, which explains why I feel no more connection to them than to any of the others. Lani and Jason had the most random things in common, such as how they compare brands of water to colors and shapes. Because clearly that and that they have the same poster, abbreviate words while speaking, and played in the sandbox when they were kids means they're soulmates.

Also: I currently attend high school. It's a fairly smaller one. Nobody outside of the certain friend group of those involved really cares if someone steals someone else's boyfriend. Certainly not to the extent of making a hateful website and forwarding email explanations of why two people are dating. That whole part was unbelievable and ludicrous.

Just don't bother with this.