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A Visit from the Goon Squad

A Visit from the Goon Squad - Jennifer Egan I should have loved this book. I went into it expecting to love it. I love novels following different characters, I love trying to figure out how everyone's story connects... But I hated this book.

Looking at reviews on here now, I see everyone talking about the powerpoint chapter. Personally, I found that stupid and skipped over much of it. And the chapter in second person? God, was that irritating. Then the end chapter, where all people did was 'T'... Really? Alright, if that's your vision of the future, that's cool and all, but at least make what people write make sense? Their abbreviations capitalized random letters and half the time you had to think about what it was supposed to be communicating. Aren't you still supposed to understand what abbreviations mean...?

There were so many characters it was hard to keep them straight, mostly because none of the characters particularly stuck out or left anything to be remembered. The timeline was all over the place, so that was an added difficulty. Once you actually found out who the chapter was about, you then had to remember what they had done, and then chronologically figure out what they had already done and what would be in their future relative to the piece of their life you were actually reading about at that moment.

I can see why other people would think this is fantastic just because it's so different and everyone is about being different these days - hell, it even won a Pulitzer - but I'm just glad I finished it.